Weekly College Chart (2021/10/31)


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<This week's number one>

"Wrong with U" / ego apartment

A three-member unit formed by people born in 1998! Two vocalists and lyrics in English and Japanese, a new style. It's a new type of song with two vocals and lyrics in both English and Japanese. The song has an analog feel to it, but as you listen to it, you can't help but get lost in the world.

<This week's chart entries>

"Gen" / Synapse

A three-member band from Fukuoka, Japan, led by the vocalist of Hachimarizer. The lyrics and sound are both lonely and beautiful, as if you are floating alone in the universe.

"Hagaitai" / Dubya 80000cc

A four-piece band from Kumamoto University's rock club. The band's anomalous melodies and dark grunge sound are very cool.

"Lisa" / Keiko

A six-piece band from Tokyo that's hot right now! They have a grungy, underground feel, but they also have a good urban sound with black music influences, like this song, and their genre-less, unconventional music is sharp and cool!


I feel that this album raises the level of psychedelic and dream pop in Japan. All the songs have an attractive sound with restrained information and neat beauty.


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